Our team of specialists can offer help and advice in such areas as:

Change Management Consulting

Managing changes in your organisation can be challenging, particularly if everyone does not envision the change the way you do. When you have been following the same processes / using the same system / living the same culture for a number of years, it can be hard to gain clear perspective on the way forward and to make the changes you desire.

Acumen brings expert, independent and un-biased advice to your team.  Through working in a number of different leading reinsurance companies, and by leveraging skills sets across finance / operations / IT/ business analysis / management / organizational psychology, we can guide you and your team through the change, no matter how big or small.

Operational Reviews and Business Process Re-Engineering

Today’s highly competitive market sees companies looking to enhance their results through efficiency.
By leveraging over 10 years in the reinsurance business from an operations and finance perspective, we can provide unbiased reviews by market specialists of your business.  Be it a single process, a functional area or a global operation, we can help you identify meaningful changes to your operations to enhance the way you do business.

Business Services Consulting & Support

  • Raising finance and the preparation of business plans;
  • Coordination with financial institutions and legal advisors;
  • Cash flow management;
  • Accounting systems implementation.